Destination Planning & Itinerary

You choose your destination or just tell me what kind of experience you would like to have and I will help you in selecting the perfect fit for all your desires.

Once the destination is in place, I will advise you on the absolute best itinerary for your travels from your stay to areas to visit, transportation, and activities.

Flight and Accomodation Booking

If your destination requires air travel, it can be booked together with all of your other accomodations during the planning and booking process. It will be chosen as the best flight option, price, as well as perfect location and timing to make all of your travel flow seamlessly together.

A selection of amazing accomodations will be presented to you based off of your destination, requests, and price range. No matter the type of stay, Travel Luxely has exclusive supplier relationships of offers and pricing to beat any you may find elsewhere!

Cruise and Excursion Booking

Travel Luxely has specialist certifications from countless hours and personal trainings and relationships with several cruise lines-- Not only to have first class knoweldge of the cruise lines and what they offer for you, but also to get you the best and most exclusive rates...and perks that have been earned because of that!

You will get the best rates possible for any cruise you may desire along with wonderful amenities in addition to that to further sweeten the deal and your cruise experience!

You will have the cruise fully booked for you, your ship information, its sailing specifics, as well as excurions and extras and their discount rates. All of this while being fully informed every step of the way, leading up to the ship!

Event Tickets & Booking

Tickets to special events, theme parks, activites, museums, and much more are also available.

You will have access to a plethora of events and activities to choose from and book in any area that you visit.