Are Travel Agents Still A Thing And Why Use One?

Are Travel Agents Still A Thing And Why Use One?

Picture it, Fleet Street, London, 1865.  A man opens his first travel agency, the first of its kind, the first travel agency to date.  I’m not just setting you up for a Golden Girl, Sophia-style story right here.  I’m telling you how it all started.  The new type of travel industry and, of course, travel agents.  He wanted to help people see the world, and so from there, the travel industry continued to change and grow as travel agents (or advisors, you pick) made traveling the world more accessible to all. 

 Since then, so much has happened to continue to change the world that we love to travel…new high-speed trains, planes, wars, border shifts, chaos, peace, computers, the internet, wifi, apps, the Georgia Bulldogs became back to back National Champions…but I digress.  One thing rings true always, 1865-2023, the world’s-a-changin’ and one may wonder if travel agents are still relevant in it.  Let me tell you why we ARE.

Wifi and apps have changed the industry in a huge way and make it so easy for someone to book a flight, trip, and event, all at once on their own.  The independence, the control, the power!  Feels so good, doesn’t it?  But, do you ever wonder if you made the right choice?  Got the best rates?  You probably have wondered that, and to answer your questions, you probably did NOT. 


It’s not all just stuffy old offices with racks and racks of brochures and an outdated picture of a couple walking on the beach with a cruise ship off in the distance like travel agencies of times past.  Travel agencies and independent agents have come a long way and they can still, if not more than ever, offer you amazing details in the planning process, access to discount rates NOT available to the public (that’s YOU), and be your own personal assistant during the planning and trip process to be sure it flows seamlessly for you.

  • We will start with what matters most to most of my clients, and that is the end price.  Everything has a price tag and though we cannot put a price on the incredible mark travel leaves on our souls and the precious memories that we bring home with us forever, it still costs money.  Getting down to the brass tax, you want to know what type of trip you can take to have the most epic travel experience while also saving the most money possible. 

     I can find you the absolute best rates, guaranteed, when booking with Travel Luxely!  As a travel agent, I can access a plethora of travel suppliers.  These are used in the booking of your flight+hotel package, your cruise, your tour, your Disney theme park adventure trip, (any and all of it)!  These offer me rates and exclusive offers not available to just anyone logging onto Expedia or Hotels.  

    I have countess certifications and trainings as an agent.  These qualifications and personal relationships I have formed give me the ability to dig around in the background of the travel industry that you can’t see in order to find the best routes, trips, and prices for your bottom line!  That way, you can have that extra to use on your travel experiences!

  • All you have to do is pick the type of trip and destination.  From there, you just have to sit back, relax, and get your zen on.  As a travel agent in this situation, I get to work finding you the best routes and means of transportation to get to and from your destination, the best cruise to meet your desires, hotels, bungalows.  The sky is the limit.  Really.  There are tree houses, hanging hammock hotels, cliffside domes…there I go rambling again.


    An itinerary to meet your travel desires is created, covering every step of the way. When confirmed by you, the booking process can begin and you are all set!  Wasn’t that easy?  On top of that, you can rest assured that you will have all of the information at your fingertips and everything explained to you clearly before departure.  No guessing and wondering if you made the right choice, how to get there, or if the booking was properly confirmed.

  • As stated, a plethora of knowledge of the travel industry and world, as well as many certifications will soon make me your go-to world travel guru.  It doesn’t matter if you are just booking a weekend hotel or taking your bucket list trip, you have an informed professional who can tell you about the areas you are visiting and provides sound advice on the do’s and don’ts. 

    These are all amazing reasons why using a travel agent is actually ALWAYS a great idea and to click straight to the contact section of this site and start booking with me now!  But, along with that, did you know that it does not cost you anything extra, whatsoever, to use Travel Luxely for all of your travel and event needs?  Nothing.  It actually saves you money.  I’m serious, it literally cannot get any better.  I work diligently for your best experience possible, book you great rates, and then my part is taken care of on the back end from travel partners used in the booking process. 

    You have an amazing resource here, at your service, and I am honored to provide you with the best travel experiences possible while being your information, itinerary, and booking source.  Besides saving you money, time, and peace of mind, let me get you exclusive VIP service and insider access because of my relationships with hotels and travel partners across the globe.  You can wait on hold for the next available representative OR you can call me directly!  Life is short and the world is wide!  Travel Luxely.

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